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JP2D. Published By PGMI of IAIN Pontianak, The Journal provides opportunities for scholars to submit scientific papers in the field of Islamic religious studies which will be published online. The internet connection will add to the richness of information and scientific knowledge derived mainly from research. The Journal is published twice a year, well documented in the form of books, which include a variety of scientific papers by writers of various backgrounds. In addition, we also have partners from overseas who will review each article before publication. Each article or scientific paper published in this Journal will definitely be useful to all visitors and readers. Review processing started to be online in 2018 by using available tolls provided by the Open Journal System. Reviewers may choose to use Review Form provided by the OJS or doing review process on the manuscript using Tracking Changes menu provided by Microsoft Word. JP2D welcome papers from academicias on theories, philoshopy, conceptual paradigms, academic research, as wel as religion practices, in particular, papers which consider the following general topics are invited; Islamic education, Islamic Law, Islamic Economic and Business, Qur’anic and Hadist Studies, Islamic Though and Literature, Islamic Peace, Science & Civilization in Islam and Islam in Local/nation
The regular issues include June and December editions each year. The journal is concerned to publish research-based articles in the area of Islamic studies. Researchers, writers, academicians, practitioners and all prospective contributors are invited to contribute to the journal publication. Contributions in English or Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia should be typed double-spaced and should contain 3.000-8.000 words. The citation should follow APA style with footnotes. Use Mendeley or Google Schoolar of reference management recommended.

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JRTIE: Journal of Research and Thought on Islamic Education

JRTIE: Journal of Research and Thought of Islamic Education dibentuk dan dikelolah oleh Jurusan Pendidikan Agama Islam FTIK IAIN Pontianak pada tanggal 10 Juli 2018.
Jurnal ini merupakan jurnal pertama yang diterbitkan oleh Jurusan yang ada di lingkungan IAIN Pontianak. JRTIE yang terbit dua kali setahun ini, bulan Agustus dan bulan Desember, di dalamnya memuat kajian-kajian tentang hasil penelitian dan pemikiran tentang pendidikan agama Islam.
Jurnal ini bisa diakses secara terbuka. Artinya, semua konten yang tersedia bebas diakses tanpa biaya, baik kepada pengguna atau pada lembaganya. Pengguna yang diizinkan untuk membaca, mendownload, menyalin, mendistribusikan, mencetak, mencari, atau mensitasi ke teks lengkap dari artikel tidak harus meminta izin terlebih dahulu dari penerbit atau penulis.
ISSN (Cetak) : 2622-8203
ISSN (Online) : 2622-5263

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