Al-Albab ISSN: 0216-6143 (print) and ISSN: 2502-8340 (online) is an interdisciplinary journal published twice a year in print and online (e-journal) by the Pontianak State Institute of Islamic Studies, Pontianak. Our academic publication concern includes the studies of world religions of Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Chinese religions and other religions. Interdisciplinary studies may include the studies of religion in the fields of anthropology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, education, cultural studies and other social sciences.

Since the journal is published twice a year, special issue would be made available for special condition. The regular issues include June and December editions each year. The journal publishes research-based articles in the area of religious studies. All prospective contributors from various background are welcome to contribute to the journal publication. Contributions in English should be typed single-space and contain minimum of 4.000 and maximum of 8.000 words. The citation should follow APA style with footnotes.

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Vol 12, No 1 (2023)

Table of Contents


Muhammad Torik, Muhammad Abdillah Asmara, Fenti Febriani
| Abstract views: 425 | PDF views: 351
3 - 20
Yusdiana Yusdiana, Hariansyah Hariansyah, Dedi Firmansyah, Dini Presti Billia
| Abstract views: 345 | PDF views: 283
21 - 36
Ona Sastri Lumban Tobing
| Abstract views: 217 | PDF views: 129
37 - 52
Suhardiman Suhardiman, Eka Hendry Ar., Muhammad Nizar
| Abstract views: 189 | PDF views: 124
53 - 78
Samsul Hidayat
| Abstract views: 278 | PDF views: 152
79 - 94
Lukmanul Hakim, Aziza Meria, Sartika Suryadinata
| Abstract views: 231 | PDF views: 190
95 - 112
Moch Riza Fahmi, Asep Muhyiddin
| Abstract views: 148 | PDF views: 112
113 - 132
Abdullah Latuapo
| Abstract views: 103 | PDF views: 53