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All society of academicians IAIN Pontianak must supporting vision and mission of IAIN Pontianak for the sake
of quality of graduates who have higher competency and international insight one of concrete effort is doing
community satisfaction survey towards the quality of graduates of IAIN Pontianak as external information source,
next data perceptive analyzed with appropriate statistic tool, one of application tool is Multidimentional Scaling
Tests (MDS). This research using descriptive methods (descriptive research) with the intention of making
emphirical description Multidimentional Scaling Application (MDS) on stakeholders perceptive to map the quality
of garduates of IAIN Pontianak. Population on this research is IAIN stakeholders in Pontianak, that is community
which directly connected to graduates of IAIN Pontianak, or private institution or government as graduates of
IAIN Pontianak user. Sample of this research using purposive methods sampling 100 respondents. IAIN
segmentative of quality variables that has negative perceptive by community is Disciplines ( X9) and Motivates
(X11), IAIN segmentative variables that have positive perceptive by stakeholders are Integrity / Ethics variables
and Morality ( X1), Professionalism at works (X2), Insight between disciplines (X3), Leadership( X4),
Teamworks( X5), Foreign Language Ability (X6), Communication Ability ( X7), Using Information Technology
(X8), Honesty (X10), Work Ethics(X12), Innovative and Creativity ( X13), Solving Problems Ability (X14). There
is high competition between 3 higher education in Pontianak. Those are: IAIN, Poltekes and Polnep. As spatial
IAIN Pontianak closer to UNTAN, it is also means that UNTAN is the strongest competitor of IAIN Pontianak.
Key words: MDS, Perceptive Map, Graduates quality, IAIN Pontianak

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