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Amid the crises of life which is too materialistic, secular as well as a very hard life, economically and
psychologically, Sufism provides the antidote spiritual, which gives resilience to the crisis of spirituality modern
which has resulted in them no longer know who he is meaning and purpose of life on earth. The lack of clarity on
the meaning and purpose of life, eventually resulted in a prolonged agony. The purpose of this study to determine
the type - the type of inner conflict can be resolved with psychotherapy mysticism, Sufism as describe the role of
psychotherapy in overcoming inner conflicts, and to describe the implementation of Sufism as psychotherapy in
overcoming inner conflicts. This research includes the study of literature and when viewed in terms of closers
including qualitative research because the data presented in the form of a statement-pernyataan.Untuk answer
psychological problems, Sufism teaches about a happy life. Happy life should be alive and well both physically
and mentally. Live happily with the inner conflict will never be obtained. This is because the happiness that is
created will throw the whole mind - pikran inner nature

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