Journal History

At-Turats  Journal is a Journal of Islamic Education Thought published twice a year by the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Educational Sciences (FTIK) IAIN Pontianak. The journal dedicated to the scholarly study of Islamic Education. At Turats combine the research and articles on the latest studies of the contributors who are experts in their field. At Turats present for the demanding needs of the intellectual in responding to current issues related to the various problems of Islamic Education in the present context. Review processing started to be online in 2016 by using available tolls provided by the OJS. Reviewers may choose to use Review Form provided by the OJS or doing review process on the manuscript using Tracking Changes menu provided by Microsoft Word. Since the journal is published twice a year, special issue would be made available for the special condition. The regular issues include June and December editions each year. The journal is concerned to publish research-based articles in the area of Islamic Education. Researchers, writers, academicians, practitioners and all prospective contributors are invited to contribute to the journal publication. Prior to volume 14, number 1, 2020, the journal of At-Turats accepted research articles written in Indonesian, Malaysian, and/or English. However, since then, the research articles received are well-written in English. Accepted articles are typed on 1.5 spaces between 3000-8000 words, in APA Style citation style with footnotes as additional information.

Historically, this journal is one of the oldest journal at IAIN Pontianak. It has been publishing the articles since 2008 and accredited by Kemenristekdikti. Furthermore, the cover of At-Turats has been transformed three times in order to be more attractive. Then now, the cover of the journal is designed with the spirit of local wisdom as stated in the vision of IAIN Pontianak.