At Turats (P-ISSN: 1978-418X; E-ISSN: 2502-8359) is published by Tarbiyah and Science Teaching at the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Pontianak. The journal specialized in the study of Islamic education in general, and At Turats combine the research and articles on the latest studies of the contributors who are experts in their field. At Turats present for the demanding needs of the intellectual in responding to current issues related to the various problems of Islamic Education in the present context, is not just limited to the work of local authors but also accommodate the author's work in a national and international scale. In other words, the journal At Turath open the widest access for anyone who wants to take part and contribute to the enrichment of the discourse of the scientific understanding of Islamic Education in order to answer the intellectual challenges were increasingly growing. At Turath, be scientific communication media antarapeminat science Islamic Education comprising lecturers, experts and practitioners of propaganda, students and others. In addition, the journal At Turath provide a special place in the form of reviews of the latest books relating to the problem of Islamic Education.

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Vol 11, No 1 (2017)

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