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Bio Statement It is normal and legitimate to wish children if you have a strong relationship with a partner and have a family. However, a patient with a rheumatic disease will be concerned. Is it possible to have children with chronic pain or a handicap because of a joint disease? Can not it be as a mother or a father not always completely healthy hair loss seborrheic dermatitis? For a patient the question arises how a pregnancy can influence the course of the disease. Important questions are also whether the illness may have an influence on the pregnancy or childbirth, and how the constant intake of medication affects itself. Also the concern about a possible inheritance of a rheumatic disease can make headaches.

Rheumatic diseases react very differently to pregnancy. Some become much better, others remain active or become worse. Inflammatory joint diseases affecting several or many joints, such as chronic polyarthritis, are often improved or provided during the gestation period of the complaints. On the other hand, women with Bechterev's disease, lupus, or fibromyalgia have to deal with active disease symptoms. Usually, this means that good ones change with bad days and that there is need for treatment with anti-inflammatory or analgesic medicines.

Diseases affecting not only joints but also internal organs or the vascular system can lead to a number of problems for mother and child. This applies only to the lupus and related, often very rare connective tissue diseases. Women with such diseases should not be unplanned pregnant, but should be asked to determine if and which internal organs treatment for seborrheic keratosis are involved in rheumatic inflammation. The attending physician can then identify possible risks and plan a targeted monitoring of the mother and child. Frequently, the follow-up of a pregnant lupus patient requires the collaboration of several specialists. Nevertheless, a normal pregnancy is possible.

Most rheumatic diseases do not affect the child in the mother's body and the pregnancy is normal. An increased risk of miscarriages or stillbirths or premature onset of birth defects exists in lupus and related connective tissue disorders. hair loss seborrheic dermatitis For diseases that are very active during the entire pregnancy, a slightly reduced birth weight of the newborn must also be expected.

Effects of medication

It is not a good idea to put all the medication before a planned pregnancy. A number of drugs do not harm either the child or the child. For a good course, it is important that the mother's disease is best placed under control and that the pregnancy is not in a very active phase. In the case of inflammatory joint diseases and in lupus, the discontinuation of basic therapeutics often results in an acute thrust. What should be taken and when to take off must therefore be considered particularly carefully. Even before the start of a basic therapy, you should tell the doctor if you have children's wishes. Therapies that could harm pregnancy can then be avoided. This recommendation also applies to men.