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Bio Statement Medications such as salazopyrine and cytostatics (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate) can affect the formation of sperm cells. Salazopyrin may cause temporary sterility in men, cytostatics cause infertility depending on the dose best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp. Small amounts of cytostatics do not usually affect the production of sperm cells, but may have an unfavorable effect on pregnancy. Drugs in women: Salazopyrine and methotrexate do not affect female fertility, high doses of cyclophosphamide over a long period can render sterile.

Not every doctor, not every specialist, has a full overview of the tolerability of medications during pregnancy and lactation. If necessary, you have to consult experts or institutions specialized in medication questions.

Birth and newborn

In most patients with rheumatism, birth can be normal. This also applies to Bechterew's disease. Nevertheless, studies have shown that the rate of caesarean sections is significantly higher seborrheic dermatitis home treatment in healthy women compared with rheumatic diseases. As a rule, the disease is not responsible, but the gynecologist's proposal or the patient's desire. Patients with extensive articular involvement and weakened muscles often feel the stress of a birth as too stressful.

Most rheumatic diseases do not affect the health of the newborn. This is true even if in the course of the pregnancy with admissible medicines had to be treated. Exceptions apply to the LUPUS and related connective tissue disorders if the mother has specific antibodies in the blood. Laboratory investigations can be done before pregnancy and necessary measures can be taken.

After the pregnancy

Even if a pregnancy significantly improves the condition of the mother's disease, more than half of the affected persons come to a stroke several weeks to months after confinement, often within the first six months after delivery. Breastfeeding does not prevent this thrust, indeed the question is whether the hormones that stimulate milk production have a negative influence on joint inflammation seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure.

As a rule, symptoms occur in the same joints that have already been affected, but new joints can also be inflamed. In the course of the first year after the pregnancy, however, the symptoms usually settle again. A permanent deterioration of rheumatic disease is not caused by a pregnancy


The question: When a child? can only be answered individually. In general, pregnancy should not occur during a push. Mother or fatherhood requires energy and strength. As long as the body and the psyche struggle with very active symptoms, there is little energy for a child. In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, preventive measures are necessary. Most rheumatic diseases do not restrict the choice of means of prevention.