Tradition Balimau Kasai in Kampar:Integration of Islamic and Local Culture

Autor(s): Asrizal Saiin, Pipin Armita
DOI: 10.24260/khatulistiwa.v11i2.1298


This study aims to explain that there is an integration between Islamic values and the local culture of Kampar in the balimau kasai tradition. The balimau kasai tradition is a tradition of welcoming the holy month of Ramadan by bathing with traditional herbs and gathering on the banks of the river. In this study it was found that, there are 4 (four) categories that can be integrated between Islamic values and the local culture of Kampar, namely: (1) as a form of gratitude to be met with the month of Ramadan, (2) as a form of joy and happiness with the coming of the month of Ramadan, (3) as a means of cleansing and purifying the body and spirit, (4) as a place to establish friendship, and (5) as a moment to forgive each other. Of the four categories found, it is evident that balimau kasai is a local cultural tradition, as well as a form of planting Islamic values.


Tradition; Balimau Kasai; Integration; Islam; Culture;

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